Devereux, one of the oldest and largest providers of behavioral healthcare and child welfare services in the nation, highlights their work with LGBTQ youth in a new video.

The video, titled, “Devereux Saved Me,” features emotional stories of two youth in need of services and support, one of whom is transgender, and were welcomed by Devereux with open arms. Devereux has services in thirteen states and is committed to LGBTQ-inclusion; in fact, they are working to insure that all of their sites earn HRC's All Children-All Families seal of excellence.  

The deck is stacked against young LGBTQ people in America and the impact of family rejection, bullying and daily concern for safety weighs heavily on our youth.  Additionally, more than half of all LGBTQ teens in American have been verbally or physically assaulted because of their sexual orientation or identity.  Devereux is aware of these disparities and has made a very strong commitment to being a truly welcoming, culturally competent provider to LGBTQ youth.  

Earlier this year, HRC Foundation was proud to expand our partnership with Devereux to better reach and care for LGBTQ youth.

More information on the HRC Foundation’s Children, Youth and Families programs can be found here. Information about Devereux and its care network can be found here.

Learn more about the realities LGBT youth face with HRC’s groundbreaking report, Growing Up LGBT in America.

This month, HRC is proud to celebrate National Adoption Month. National Adoption Month is a nationwide effort to bring awareness to the thousands of children and youth in foster care who are currently ​waiting for a permanent family and to recognize adoptive families around the country. Learn more about National Adoption Month here.

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