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Is offering employees transgender-inclusive health benefits prohibitively expensive for companies?

Our expert responders deconstruct this misconception, using evidence from hundreds of leading U.S. businesses, in the latest installment of our video series, "Debunking the Myths: Transgender Health and Well-Being."

Watch and share the video below, produced in partnership with Pride at Work:

In 2009 the HRC Foundation announced that earning 100 percent on our Corporate Equality Index (CEI) would require employers to offer at least one firm-wide available health insurance plan that covers medically necessary transition-related care, including gender confirming surgeries. Partnered with intensive educational and consultative efforts, this criteria change has led to exponential growth over the last five years in the number of U.S. businesses offering transgender-inclusive health insurance.

In the 2014 CEI, 340 major businesses reported coverage for transgender-inclusive care. Learn more here.

Stay tuned throughout March as we continue to release videos from our four-part series, "Debunking the Myths: Transgender Health & Well-Being." Watch our first video about the various ways transgender and gender nonconforming people choose to transition here.

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