Today, the National Coalition on Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) released their 2014 hate violence report.  While overall violence against LGBT people went down by 32 percent, crimes against transgender people rose by 13 percent. 

The report also found an upsurge in homicides against LGBT individuals, finding that about 50 percent of victims were transgender women and 35 percent were gay and bisexual men.  

This year’s report also highlighted high rates of violence against transgender women, highlighting the community as one of the most impacted identities. The report explained, “Transgender women survivors of hate violence were more likely to experience police violence, physical violence, discrimination, harassment, sexual violence, threats, and intimidation. Transgender women were more likely to experience hate violence in shelters and in public areas.” 

While this report is an important document in understanding and tracking violence against the LGBT community, the report is only based on reported crimes. The number of reported crimes from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, as well as the FBI, varies. Additionally, the report explained that, “data on the prevalence of hate violence against queer, bisexual, transgender, and HIV-affected people is virtually non-existent.“ 

In January 2015, HRC Foundation, in partnership with Trans People of Color Coalition (TPOCC)released an issue brief detailing the violence facing transgender people, and solutions that can be pursued by policymakers and public and private sector leaders to address the national crisis. At least eight transgender women have been murdered in the United States this year. 

Read HRC’s issue brief in full here and learn more about NCAVP’s report here.

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