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Yesterday, a Nebraska District Court ruled that a discriminatory policy that barred same-sex couples from becoming foster parents was unconstitutional.

The two-decade-old policy, Memo I-95, barred gay and lesbian couples from obtaining state foster parent licenses. This change will finally allow child welfare agencies to expand the pool of foster and adoptive families for Nebraska's children.

"Nebraska's motto of 'Equality before the Law' rings out more truly for all of us on this thrilling day," Danielle Conrad, Executive Director of ACLU of Nebraska, said in a release. "This is a special victory for thousands of children in Nebraska who now have more options to find loving and stable homes." 

Earlier this year, Nebraska child welfare officials announced they would stop enforcing the law. 

HRC congratulates the ACLU and ACLU of Nebraska on this immense victory. 

Click here to learn more about foster care, foster parenting and LGBT-inclusive agencies.

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