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The United Nations, under the leadership of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, has been a growing leader in the promotion of human rights for LGBT people, and the UN Foundation, which links the UN’s work with people around the world, hosted a conversation on July 23rd in DC about the UN’s LGBT-inclusive work.

Rick Parnell, the COO of the UN Foundation, discussed a few important steps the UN has taken to promote LGBT human rights at the event and in a recent blog. He noted the launch of the UN’s Free & Equal Campaign, a global public education campaign for LGBT equality. The campaign engages millions of people in advocating for the fair treatment of LGBT people and their rights. The campaign uses creative methods like this Bollywood video to demonstrate that love is a family value. 

In addition, he highlighted the UN Development Program and the U.S. government have undertaken a groundbreaking initiative called “Being LGBT in Asia” to learn about the experiences of LGBT people in Asia. Being LGBT in Asia encourages networking, knowledge-sharing, and community mobilization of LGBT people throughout the Asia-Pacific region. The initiative aims to introduce LGBT issues including rights and health to policymakers, while also connecting them with LGBT civil society organizations to broaden alliances.

HRC’s COO and Chief of Staff, Ana Ma, joined HRC’s global engagement director, Ty Cobb, for the discussion. Also in attendance were coalition allies, members of congress, Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, Tom Malinowski, and Charles Radcliffe, Chief of the Global Issues Section at the United Nations Human Rights Office.

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