Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

Over the weekend a Ugandan tabloid again published the names and photos of people it claims are gay.

The story is touted on Red Pepper’s cover as, “Top Uganda Gay Recruiters Busted.”

Ugandan gay rights activist Frank Mugisha broke the news over Twitter on Saturday:



It isn’t the first time a Ugandan tabloid targeted the gay community in an effort to drum up support for the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

The Red Pepper began its campaign to out LGBT Ugandans in 2006 when it ran two lists of alledgedly gay and lesbian individuals, along with their addresses, photos and occupations. In October 2010 the Rolling Stone newspaper, the self-proclaimed “leading investigative newspaper” in Uganda, ran a front-page story outing LGBT Ugandans under the headline "hang them."

The Ugandan parliament is poised to vote on the now infamous “Kill the Gays” legislation, which would make being gay a crime punishable by death or life imprisonment in some cases.

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