This post comes from Good As You founder and NOM Exposed partner Jeremy Hooper.

On the day that the Supreme Court rulings came down, NOM's Comm. Director, Thomas Peters, went on KABC radio's "McIntyre in the Morning," where he wanted to talk about marriage and how it is supposedly about kids.  But then, when host Doug McIntyre raises a 100% fair and focused point based around the information that Thomas had just presented to him, Thomas just, well, um—listen for yourself.  It is almost too unbelievable for words:

[SOURCE: McIntyre in the Morning; 6/26/13]

Aspiring pundits, this is an example of what not to do during an interview.  Seriously.  Media trainers should use it to teach class.

And we should also note that the interviewer wasn't even in gay activism mode.  I mean, he even said he personally believes hetero-headed homes are better!  His pushback was straightforward (in more ways than one) and mild.  But Thomas, breathless already, just didn't want to to hear someone challenge his talking points.  And that, my friends, is precisely why his side loses in court.


**Oh, and this isn't the first time this has happened: NOM Comm. Director hangs up on gay caller; 'I'm just saying I'm hanging up if the question is more than 15 secs' [G-A-Y] 

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