Last week, The Guardian featured HRC’s All God’s Children campaign as a leader in achieving LGBT equality in the South.

The article featured two advocates, Justin Kelly and Blossom Brown, who are spokespeople in the campaign.

Sergeant Justin Kelly, an openly gay Iraq war veteran, did not feel comfortable being openly gay for a long time. “I thought maybe it could be something that no one noticed,” he told The Guardian.

Blossom Brown, a transgender woman of color, has also become a LGBT advocate in her home state. “Eventually, I might have to leave the south,” she explained. “But then I think, ‘You were born here in Mississippi. Why would you run away from your turf?’”

Since joining the campaign, both have seen a difference in their respective communities. Kelly told The Guardian he received encouraging texts and emails from friends and family. People told Brown, “You made us think different,” after appearing in a television ad for the campaign.

All God’s Children is a groundbreaking engagement effort to promote LGBT equality in Mississippi. Learn more about the campaign here.

To read The Guardian’s articleclick here.

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