With only four days left until the Supreme Court hears Obergefell v. Hodges, the historic marriage equality case, now is the time to go red in support of nationwide marriage equality.
In 2013, the simple red HRC logo came to symbolize a transformative moment for equality prior to the oral arguments in United States v Windsor and Hollingsworth v Perry.

From actors to corporations and athletes to politicians to LGBT and allied Americans, millions shared the modified HRC logo or supportive messages about marriage equality with their followers on social media.

Highly recognized brands and corporations jumped in and showed their support for marriage equality with creative reimagining’s of the red HRC logo, as did thousands of other marriage equality supporters.

This is a crucial time to show your support for marriage equality. While the historic Supreme Court cases in 2013 struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act and brought marriage equality back to California, the current case before SCOTUS has the potential to allow for nationwide marriage equality. Go red today.

In honor of the oral arguments at the Supreme Court on marriage equality this Tuesday, here are some of HRC’s favorite red logo memes.

Click here to go red for marriage equality today by changing your profile picture.


bud light

Bert and Ernie

LIberty and Justice





Charlie Brown

Grumpy Cat

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