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Maura Healey is on the cusp of making history by becoming the first openly LGBT attorney general in the nation, but she needs your help. 

In an op-ed published by The Advocate, Kara Coredini argues that Healey would break a glass ceiling if elected into office as Massaschusetts' attorney general. 

“Imagine how the presence of an openly LGBT colleague at a regular meeting of the 50 state attorneys general will effect the decisions and judgments they take back home and exercise in their own states. Imagine the catalyzing impact on the dreams of LGBT young people all across the country who see that they could reach toward becoming a state’s top lawyer one day, too.”

Healey, a civil rights attorney, has been a champion for LGBT rights both in Massachusetts and nationwide. She spearheaded the first lawsuit to bring down DOMA and led the effort to pass Massachusetts’ Transgender Equal Rights Law. She protected LGBT youth under anti-bullying laws and trained law enforcement on including sexual orientation and gender identity under hate crimes protection. In addition to LGBT rights, Healey has tackled public safety issues such as drug abuse, child safety, human trafficking, and gun violence.

“The lives of families around our country are better because of the leadership Healey has shown in our attorney general’s office. Her influence locally will only be magnified to the national level when she’s elected, which is why Healey is the right choice to become the first ever openly LGBT person to hold the office of state attorney general,” Coredini writes.

HRC announced its endorsement of Healey earlier this month. Healey has earned the endorsements of the MassEquality PAC, EMILY’s List, the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, the Women’s Campaign Fund, and the Feminist Majority Foundation. Read the full HRC press release here.

With 59 percent of votes still undecided, Healey needs all the help she can get. Her assent into office in Massachusetts would ensure a strong LGBT voice in Massachusetts and nationwide.



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