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Last week Texas Senator and Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, proposed an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would strip away the rights of committed, same-sex couples across country. 

This radical proposal would reverse marriage equality in states where same-sex marriage became legal as a result of a federal court order.  This would mean that legally married same-sex couples living in states like California, Oklahoma, and Florida would become legal strangers over night. 

The proposed amendment would also effectively overturn the landmark Supreme Court decision U.S. v. Windsor, which found Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional.  DOMA would be the law again and thus require the federal government to discriminate against same-sex spouses in the context of federal benefits and programs, resulting in the possible denial of access to lifeline programs like Social Security and Veterans Benefits.

This is a last ditch effort to turn back a decade of civil rights progress at the expense of thousands of loving same-sex couples.  However, in order to become part of the U.S. Constitution, two-thirds of both the U.S. House and Senate would have to approve the proposal and three-fourths of the states would have to then affirm the Amendment. 

Only 27 Amendments have ever been added to the U.S. Constitution, with the last added over 40 years ago in 1971.  

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