John Greene; Workplace equality and diversityPost submitted by Sue Ezzati, HRC Senior Human Resources Generalist

The Human Rights Campaign, like many other American workplaces is a place filled with diversity in culture, ethnicity, race, sex, sexual orientation and gender identity.  Employers today are also dealing with a growing diversity in age.  The Winter 2013 issue of "Certified," a trade publication well-read by Human Resources Department Managers across our country, published a story on how employers are dealing with this generation gap at the workplace.  HRC's Human Resources Director John Greene was interviewed for this thought-provoking article.

The article lead:  "Later retirements and earlier career launches combined with rapidly changing values in our society have created a jumble of generations in the workplace. HR leaders face big challenges in managing the distinct cultural differences among all these age groups and helping them to communicate and collaborate effectively in a common workplace.

Cross-functional work teams are a bridge used by HRC.  "Organizations would benefit by cross-training individuals and establishing mentor programs benefiting multiple generations, while enhancing relationships and passing knowledge down throughout the organization," explains Greene.

Read the entire article, "Mind the (Generational) Gap."  

Certified, created and published by the HR Certification Institute, is a printed publication providing in-depth stories and articles that provide actionable and timely information impacting the HR profession and the professionals within the industry. Stories feature certified HR professionals and focus on how they shape and develop the HR profession. Certified provides readers the opportunity to view the HR profession from the viewpoint of leading certified HR professional.

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