Tennessee Equality Project; HRC Nashville; Chris Sanders; Jenny Ford; Marty RouseVisiting Nashville last week, it was a pleasure to attend HRC Nashville Steering Committee events and to meet with some of the fine folks of the Tennessee Equality Project, Chris Sanders and Jenny Ford. HRC is proud to support their work in fighting against two anti-LGBT bills now before the Tennessee General Assembly.

The first would take away state funds from universities, namely Vanderbilt, if they maintain their non-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation.

The other bill, known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, would force teachers and school counselors to speak to parents if their children discuss their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Thankfully, Republican Governor Bill Haslam has stated that he sees no need for these bills. HRC, along with our allies at Tennessee Equality Project and others, is working to ensure that the legislature follow the lead of Governor Haslam.

For more information on the status of these bills, Like the Tennessee Equality Project on Facebook.

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