hawaii state flagThe majority of Hawaii voters support the right of same-sex couples to marry, according to a recent statewide survey of voters.

The poll, conducted by QMark Research, found that 54 percent of Hawaiians support marriage equality. Opposition has dropped to 31 percent, a six point decline since January.

In February, the State House Judiciary Committee failed to schedule a hearing on the marriage equality bill, a procedural hurdle that in effect stalled the bill for the previous legislative session.

Despite the temporary set back, HRC will continue its work alongside Hawaii United for Marriage, a strong coalition of local organizations, religious congregations, labor unions and businesses working together to secure marriage for loving, committed gay and lesbian couples.

Hawaii currently allows civil unions for same-sex couples, while 13 states plus the District of Columbia have full marriage equality.

To learn more about the fight for marriage equality in the Aloha State, visit HRC's Marriage Center.

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