Post submitted by Kelly Wentworth - Secretary, Muslims for Progressive Values; Director, MPV-Atlanta

In Egypt, the government is using the excuse of religion to promote a campaign of intolerance towards LGBTQI people. According to local advocates, the government, helped by Blue Coat Systems, a company based in Sunnydale, California, has stepped up efforts to persecute and discriminate against LGBTQI people and activists who work to promote the idea that no one should be intimidated or jailed for who they love.

Earlier this year, eight men were arrested in Egypt after a video of a “gay marriage” went viral on the Internet. The men were charged “inciting debauchery and offending public morality.” The verdict of this trial is to be announced on November 1, and, if the men are found guilty, they could be sentenced to three years in jail. 

The Quran speaks to "stand out firmly for justice" and promotes equality by speaking to all people.

In the spirit of love, justice, and equality in the Quran, the persecution of people who are joined to each other through love cannot continue. Even when disagreements regarding beliefs occur, justice must remain. The Egyptian government's actions are a clear deviation from the teachings of the Quran that state that desires of individuals cannot supersede the call for justice.

Muslims for Progressive Values, in coalition with HRC and other activists, believe in the support of loving relationships and call for solidarity with LGBTQI Egyptians and their allies who now face injustice.

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