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The reggae band SOJA recently released a track on its new album titled, “Translation of One,” which the band hopes will raise awareness about the fight for LGBT equality.  Using an uplifting tempo as the background to the song’s empowering message, the band hopes to change hearts and minds through the power of music.

"Every generation has a battle with the previous generation about the necessity of human rights and equality, which translates directly to human happiness and the human condition,” SOJA lead singer and guitarist Jacob Hemphill said to the HRC Blog. “For my dad and his dad it was MLK and African American rights. Before them it was if you were Jewish, before them it was women. This is our time to make our corrections. In singing about equality and happiness I hope to achieve just that; equality and happiness for all…One love."

SOJA joined HRC’s Equality Rocks campaign in 2013. Find out more about SOJA’s support for LGBT equality here.

The Equality Rocks campaign is sparking a conversation about love, fairness and equality across the country. To join, visit

And for more from the artists who rock for equality, including Phoenix, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Florence and the Machine, Sara Bareilles, Tegan and Sara, Animal Collective and Bayside, follow HRC on Spotify now.


Photo (c) Kaveh Rezaei 

Preorder SOJA's new album "Amid the Noise and Haste" on iTunes:


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