Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

Last night, Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update took on the recent vote on the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.

HERO aimed to protect 15 classes -- -- from LGBT people to women to veterans -- from discrimination. In the lead up to November 3, anti-LGBT organizations launch a fear-mongering campaign that painted a categorically incorrect picture of women in men’s bathrooms. 

Actor Pete Davidson called out the anti-LGBT campaign with this great line:

“So the theory is that guys, in their relentless quest to watch women go to the bathroom, are going through years of hormones, surgery, changing their names, their wardrobe, coming out to their families, all for that big payoff of peeing in a room without urinals. What is this fantasy that they think is going on in there?”

Watch the full video below. To learn more about the work that continues in Houston – and across the country- to fight anti-LGBT movements, visit


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