Two moms, same-sex marriagePost submitted by David McCabe, HRC Digital Media Intern

When Erin and Liz Czerwinski were named Valedictorian and Salutatorian of Key West High School, respectively, that was probably enough to make the news: they are the first sisters to earn the titles in the history of their school.

Now their parents, Caroline Bauer and Sharon Czerwinski, are receiving their own fair share of attention for being yet another example of same-sex parents who have raised healthy, smart, and happy children despite those in the anti-gay movement who say that a strong family has both a mother and a father.

A recent landmark study by an Australian group found that children in same-sex led families score above the national average on overall health and a measure of family stability. Researchers have also theorized that children in same-sex families are more likely to be resilient, since their parents are able to teach them how to fight back against adversity, whether that’s a challenge in school or bullying in a social context.

“It’s definitely different being raised by two moms, but the community of Key West has always been supportive. We have a lot of loving people down here that have made Liz and I feel very comfortable,” Erin told a local magazine. “I wouldn’t want to trade my family experience for anything.”

The smart sisters aren’t the only graduates drawing attention from the LGBT community and its allies as the school year wraps up. Last week, a high school salutatorian in Texas came out at his graduation – he had never told his friends or family about his LGBT identity – and received a supportive response.

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