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Robert Redford, Sundance

Filmmaker and activist Robert Redford offered support for Utah’s LGBT community at an event Monday for Equality Utah.

Speaking to the more than 2,000 attendees, Redford addressed the crowd of LGBT and ally Utahans on how important victory is in their state.

“What happens in Utah can matter in a profound way. Anytime you change the lines or change laws in Utah that are discriminatory, may are going to see it as a benchmark, possibly, for other places,” said Redford.

Redford is one of the founders of The Redford Center, a group dedicated, according to its website, “to transforming social and environmental issues in to films that inspire positive change.”

Following the theme of “Equality in My Community,” Redford asked Utahans to keep pushing for change and use their personal stories to empower others. 

“The power of your personal story has the power to move hearts and minds, break down barriers and change points of views,” said Redford.

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