Post submitted by Remington A. Gregg, former HRC Legislative Counsel

Election Day has come and gone without Congress taking action to restore voting rights protections to Americans. 

Voting discrimination is real and documented.  And it is also a problem for the LGBT community.  Transgender people are particularly vulnerable to voting discrimination, and may feel the need to not vote rather than out themselves or submit to burdensome voting laws.  These laws have more easily passed state legislatures after the Supreme Court ruled last year that a key enforcement provision in the Voting Rights Act (VRA) was unconstitutional.  In addition, the LGBT community includes a diverse array of individual.  Many LGBT people of color suffer from voting discrimination based on race.  And young voters, who have traditionally been strong users of early voting times and same-day registrations, are also affected.  These vulnerabilities weaken our entire community’s voting power.

In the aftermath of last year’s Shelby County vs. Holder decision, civil rights advocates quickly mobilized and worked tirelessly to revise the law to ensure it was consistent with the Court’s mandate.  Despite significant evidence that voting discrimination is still persistent and pervasive, Congress has failed to act.  The Voting Rights Act Amendment (VRAA) should be given a hearing on its merits. 

Today is once again #RestoreVotingRights Day.  Tell Congress to take up consideration of the VRAA, a bipartisan, flexible, modern, nationwide solution to the problem of discrimination in voting that HRC is proud to support.

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