Currently, over 100 anti-LGBT bills have been introduced in 29 states, some of which have been masked as religious rights bills. As the wave of anti-LGBT legislation throughout the United States continues to swell, some have taken it upon themselves to fight back. 
Will Levitt, a 24 year-old resident of Brooklyn, N.Y., refused to just sit by and watch it all happen. 

"These hateful laws affect people's lives in very real ways," said Levitt. "What's cool is that we can all take action and make a huge impact towards LGBT equality — and I wanted to create an easy and effective way for people to pitch in." 

Levitt has launched the Refuse to Repeat campaign, which has set out to raise $100,000 in 100 days for LGBT equal rights.  All contributions will be donated directly to HRC and our efforts to stop this anti-LGBT legislation on a state level in the form of extensive lobbying and awareness, education and outreach campaigns.

The campaign calls for folks across the country to "Refuse to Repeat History" and take a stand against legalizing discrimination. 

“It’s shocking that we live in an era when our lawmakers believe they can openly discriminate against minorities by passing hateful bills into law,” Levitt said. "Through the incredible work of HRC, we're making real headway in fighting back. But there's still a ton of work to be done. Over 100 anti-LGBT bills in 29 states is no small task." 
Those who wish to contribute can make donations through the Refuse to Repeat website, and funds will be processed through the fundraising platform Crowdrise.

Learn more about the current landscape of anti-LGBT legislation here

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