I am always proud to be called Puertorriqueña, but this weekend, particularly so. The government of Puerto Rico nominated openly lesbian Puerto Rico Supreme Court Justice Maite Oronoz Rodriguez to preside over the judicial body, according to The Washington Blade.

The move places Puerto Rico at the forefront of State Supreme Courts across the nation in giving judicial voice to the legal expertise of our LGBT colleagues. It is this intentional diversity that deconstructs LGBT phobias and adds value to our lives in the eyes of others.

“I believe it’s time to take off our robes, come down from the bench and welcome with open arms a citizenship that demands human justice,” Oronoz Rodriguez said in an interview with El Nuevo Dia, a Puerto Rico-based newspaper. “It’s only then that will begin to rebuild the trust merited by a majority of our judges worthy of our justice system.”

HRC hopes governors across the nation will continue to nominate qualified LGBT candidates so that our judicial systems better reflect the people that they serve.  

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