Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

Today, HRC is calling out three more American extremists: Peter LaBarbera, Benjamin Bull and Jordan Sekulow.

Peter LaBarbera is president and founder of the Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, an organization best known for its inflammatory and inaccurate content online about the LGBT community.  Now, thanks to LaBarbera, the anti-LGBT propaganda is spreading offline and overseas. 

LaBarbera headed to Jamaica in 2013 to urge Christian conservatives at a “pro-family” conference not to repeal its anti-sodomy law. LaBarbera told the group that homosexuality is associated with pedophilia. Undeterred, LaBarbera later hopped over to our neighbors in the north where he was arrested and charged with distributing hate materials on the ”dangers” of same-sex relationships.  

For LaBarbera, children are “better off in a single-parent household” than with a loving, committed same-sex couple because “when you have two men raising a young child, that child grows up learning, basically dysfunction and a sexual perversion as normality.”

Benjamin Bull is chief counsel, executive vice president and executive director of the Alliance Defending Freedom- Global. ADF is the largest legal organization on the radical right.  Not only has it led a number of anti-LGBT cases at home – including defending California’s Proposition 8 – the ADF has intervened in cases in Russia, Italy, Ireland, Mexico and Argentine.

“Throughout the world, the moniker of ‘human rights’ has long been a cloak for a number of so-called rights that cannot be justified in any other way,” Benjamin Bull wrote in a column in 2012. “From free education to free healthcare, to various aspects of the homosexual agenda and beyond, human rights have frequently been a rallying cry for people intent on imposing their worldview on others.”

Jordan Sekulow serves as director of international operations at the American Center for Law and Justice. With an annual budget of more than $17 million dollars, the ACLJ is an American religious-right legal powerhouse. ACLJ has offices around the world – Israel, Russia, Kenya, France, Pakistan, South Korea, and Zimbabwe – to “engage in domestic and international litigation, provide legal services, advise individuals and government agencies, and counsel clients on human rights issues.”

This includes spending tens of thousands of dollars in Kenya to defeat a draft version of the constitution that believed to be too permissive toward the LGBT community; distributing material in Zimbabwe in 2009 calling for homosexuality to “remain a criminal offense;” and opening an office in Brazil in the hopes of blocking hate crime legislation, marriage equality and employment protections for LGBT people.

All week, HRC has called out some of the top leaders of the anti-LGBT industrial complex, and they’re taking notice! Join us now in spreading the truth. Read the complete Export of Hate report now.

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