Post submitted by Alison Delpercio, Associate Director of HRC's Children, Youth & Families Program, and Chris Downs, National Training Manager for HRC’s All Children – All Families.

On Monday of this week, Northwest Resource Associates -- which is based in Seattle, and has programs in Alaska and Oregon in addition to Washington State -- was awarded the All Children – All Families Seal of Recognition having earned the distinction as a “Leader in Supporting and Serving LGBT Families.”

Northwest Resource Associates met each of the Benchmarks in LGBT Cultural Competency outlined by All Children – All Families. In December 2013, the agency completed staff training in LGBT competence as part of its efforts to meet these benchmarks. As weshared at the time, the training efforts in Anchorage, AK were featured in a video produced by the local NBC affiliate. The training was enthusiastically received in all three locations and several agencies have expressed interest in follow-up training in all three states.

The seal was presented to Robert J. Hunner, the Executive Director of Northwest Resource Associates by Chris Downs, All Children – All Families National Training Manager.

“Northwest Resource Associates has been and is very welcoming of LGBT families,” said Chris Downs in the official press release. “As a result of formalizing their work with the Human Rights Campaign, they are sending a very clear, very strong message to communities in Washington, Oregon, and Alaska that they are ready, willing and very able to engage prospective LGBT resource families for children and youth.”

“We are honored to receive this vote of confidence by an organization as highly esteemed as the Human Rights Campaign,” said Robert Hunner. “From the very first contact with a potential family through the placement of the child in the home, Northwest Resource Associates is committed to actively welcoming and supporting LGBT families.”

Northwest Resource Associates has designed, developed, launched, managed and implemented programs in six offices in three states since 1980. Their work falls into four program areas:  Adoption and Foster Care; Program Evaluation; Training; and Accreditation.  

Within Adoption and Foster Care, they focus on the areas of special needs adoption, child abuse and neglect, out-of-home care, family preservation and reunification, and services for victims of abuse and assault. They activity recruit high quality resource families for youth in care, including LGBT families.

Congratulations again to Robert Hunner and his team at each of Northwest Resource Associates’ locations! You can learn more about the agency at Specifically, its affiliates are:

  • The Northwest Adoption Exchange, based in Washington State, helps find adoptive families for children and youth who live in foster care in the Pacific Northwest.  
  • The Alaska Center for Resource Families (ACRF), with offices in Anchorage, Delta Junction, Fairbanks, Juneau, and Wasilla, offers training and support to foster, adoptive, and guardianship families.
  • The Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center (OPARC), in Portland, supports adoptive and guardianship families during and after the adoption process.

And check out the list of all ACAF leading agencies

ACAF; All Children - All Families; Northwest Resource Associates

(Left to Right) Michael McGrorty, Operations Manager & Bilingual Family Support Specialist of the Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center,, Robert Hunner, Executive Director of the Northwest Resource Associates, and Chris Downs, National Training Manager for HRC's All Children - All Families.

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