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This post comes from Good As You blogger and NOM Exposed partner Jeremy Hooper

When civil unions were being debated in Rhode Island in 2011, NOM tried to kill the proposal behind falsely held religious fears.  NOM RI Director Christopher Plante called civil unions a "threat":

Then, when civil unions finally did pass (with strong religious concessions attached), Plante described the development as "disappointing and dangerous":

NOM; National Organization for Marriage; Rhode Island


There was no wiggle room.  There was no debate.  The position was firmly stated.

But now get this.  With civil unions a done deal and NOM needing some way to derail the very likely possibility of marriage equality, NOM is now doing the same fake turnabout that it has done in the past, pretending as if the organization is totally fine with civil unions.  In fact, in a just-released ad campaign featuring the voice of the very same Christopher Plante, NOM goes so far as to say civil unions afford "recognition, respect, and rights" to gay couples:

This is galling.  Truly.  This organization—which is headed, by the way, by a man who says gay parents “turn children into little teacup dogs -- it's an accessory to put in my purse"—did everything it could to deny loving same-sex couples of the limited rights afforded by civil unions.  Now, to stop the deserved rights afforded by full marriage equality, they are playing a political game of pretend.  Outrageous! 

Of course I'm offended as a legally married gay man who seeks that legal option for all.  But to be honest, I think I would be almost as offended if I were a Rhode Islander who worked with NOM a half a year ago.  If NOM RI doesn't have the fortitude to stand with their clearly voice convictions opposing civil unions, why should any potential supporter believe anything this organization says or does?  

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