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Post submitted by Jeremy Hooer, special guest contributor to NOM Exposed

On Friday, June 13, I celebrated my fifth wedding anniversay with the man to whom I have been partnered for eleven years.  A few days later, my husband and I celebrated our first Father's (or Fathers') Day.  It was a great weekend to honor our strong bond, loving family, and overall peace.

Little did we know that just about fifty miles away from our NYC home, over in Princeton, NJ, NOM co-founder and past president Maggie Gallagher, NOM cofounder and chairman emeritus Robert George, current NOM president Brian Brown, NOM's current board chair John Eastman, and a number of other individuals who were responsible for creating NOM back then (like founding board members Luis Tellez and Chuck Stetson, for instance) and are responsible for maintaining NOM now (like Sean Fieler, a key funder, and Diego Von Stauffenberg, NOM's current development director) were holding a secret, invite-only meeting focused on "developing and deploying an action plan to protect marriage and preserve religious liberties." It certainly seems like some sort of secret, shadowy version of NOM (Super NOM?) is going on behind the scenes.  

NOM Exposed was able to obtain a copy of the invite: 

Princeton Group (seems to be some sort of new version of NOM)

Oh, and looky there—San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is on the host committee.  No wonder he's so hellbent on defending NOM's reputation

Who else was at this meeting?  What's the plan?  If NOM isn't effective enough to get the job done, then what is the point of NOM (and why march under the NOM umbrella).  

Bust mostly: why is everything about this organization always so secretive and shady?!?


**MORE: Matthew Haas, a contractor whose Catholic firm, Syndicate Pictures, has done lots of contract work with NOM, owns the Princeton Group domain name:

NOM; National Organization for Marriage


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