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This post comes from Good As You founder and NOM Exposed partner Jeremy Hooper: 

When Magie Gallagher claimed on a February 2012 edition of Chris Hayes' MSNBC show that the organization she co-founded did not, in fact, support or encourage "ex-gay" ideation, it's almost as if she tempted the fates.  Ever since she made that claim (which was wrong then, as it is now), NOM's "ex-gay" dots have become even easier to connect. 

Here's the leatest from Jennifer Roback Morse's Ruth Institute, a project of the NOM Education Fund.  Not only does this document come right out and admit that the NOM fight is largely spiritual, but it flat-out calls on supporters to pray for "deeply wounded" gay people's all-out "conversion":

(click for full size)

NOM Education Fund prays for gay 'conversion'

[SOURCE: NOM's Ruth Institute]

For someone like me, this newly embraced call for "conversion" is simply validation.  I've been saying for years now that the NOM goal does not—has not, cannot, will not—stop at just the issue of civil marriage equality.  There is a fundamental root that goes much further.  Every so often, a NOM staffer gets more honest and admits the true, "gay-changing" intent.  Maggie's doneit.  Thomas Peters has done it.  Brian Brown has done it.  Jennifer Roback Morse proudly does it.  Every person who works at NOM has, at some point, made some sort of suggestion that strips LGBT people of our truths.

I choose to believe what they themselves are saying.

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