​Post submitted by Noël Gordon, former HRC Senior Program Specialist for HIV Prevention and Health Equity.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), the world’s largest health research institution, has issued an unprecedented call for input on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex (LGBTI) health. This is your opportunity to help shape NIH’s LGBTI health funding agenda.

Shane Snowdon, HRC’s Health & Aging Director, attended a listening session on LGBTI health needs convened at the NIH last month.

“It’s exciting to see the steps that NIH is taking to address our health needs,” said Snowdon. “I was moved by this historic session at which NIH officials, including Dr. Francis Collins, NIH’s chief, met with LGBTI representatives to learn about the challenges we face and what initiatives would make a real difference to our health."

What research would you like to see NIH fund? Research into transgender healthcare? LGBTI cancer risk? How healthcare providers can be more knowledgeable and welcoming? This is your chance to shed light on the health issues affecting you most.

Click here to offer your comments to NIH.

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