Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

Americans firmly believe that our laws adequately balance religious liberty and non-discrimination, according to recent poll results from HRC and Third Way.
The two organizations joined forces in June to field a national poll identifying where the country stands on marriage, non-discrimination laws and overly broad religious liberty exemptions.
According to the study, Americans overwhelmingly oppose broad exemptions that would in essence codify discrimination against LGBT people into our nation’s laws. Instead, the majority of Americans believe that marriage equality does not require the passage of new laws to allow businesses and individuals permission to discriminate against LGBT individuals and their families.
The results show that 56 percent of Americans think that is illegal for business owners in their state to refuse service to someone because he or she is gay—but 30 percent of all respondents were incorrect and in fact live in states where that discrimination is still legal; 69 percent of Americans believe that businesses should NOT be able to refuse service to a gay person; And 67 percent of Americans oppose a law that would allow businesses or organizations to deny services to gay and lesbian couples based on religious objections.
Support for LGBT equality continues to grow, but much work remains to make full equality a reality.
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