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Governor HassanPictured: HRC's Marty Rouse, Governor Hassan, Democratic Governors' Association Chair Peter Shumlin of Vermont

A bill signed by New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan yesterday guarantees recognition of out of state marriages, uniform marriage recognition law, civil union recognition and gender neutral references. The bipartisan measure helps advances marriage equality in the state, which passed marriage equality legislation in May 2009. The law went into effect on January 1, 2010.

Governor Hassan released this statement after signing the bill:

“As the number of states with marriage equality continues to rise and courts across the country issue rulings that advance the cause of equality, it is critical that the law in New Hampshire works for all legally married couples who have moved or are seeking to move here. By clarifying our marriage equality law to recognize an out-of-state marriage or civil union as of the date it was legally contracted, SB 394 helps ensure that all married couples in New Hampshire receive the fair and equal treatment under the law that they deserve.

“Marriage equality in New Hampshire signals to everyone that we are a welcoming state. Granite Staters understand that encouraging and supporting strong marriages for all loving couples strengthens our families and our communities. I thank the bipartisan group of legislators, including all 24 members of the Senate, for passing this common-sense measure, and I am proud to reinforce New Hampshire’s status as a leader in the march toward full marriage equality and inclusion by signing SB 394 into law.”

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