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In honor of Mother’s Day, a star-studded lineup of Moms have joined HRC in advocating and standing up for their own kids and millions of LGBTQ youth across the country.

Today’s post featured below comes from Sally Field, who urges HRC members and supporters to protect young LGBTQ people.

There are three things I’m proudest of in my life … and their names are Peter, Eli and Sam. My remarkable sons.

As most parents will tell you, few things are as rewarding as seeing your child grow into the person they’re meant to be. Each of my boys had their own way of getting there, of course, but it was my Sam whose journey came with a few extra hurdles.

At 20, Sam came out proudly as a gay man: to us and to a world where some still hate you just for being different. Ten years later and that hate seems to have only gotten stronger.

But with you, we can help stop hate in its tracks.

That’s why I’m asking you to join me and all the other HRC Moms for Equality by becoming a member of the Human Rights Campaign before Mother’s Day.  Let’s #FightLikeAMother to protect this and future generations of young LGBTQ people.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ youth face homelessness. For many, it’s at the hands of their own parents. Others face higher rates of suicide than their peers and struggle with bullying and mental health.

Their crime? Living authentically.

No child should live in fear of revealing their sexuality or gender identity. It is just plain common sense — but it won’t change until people speak out. That’s why I’m raising my voice with HRC. Will you join me?

Whether you are LGBTQ yourself, a mother, a father, or just a great person with strong convictions about what’s fair and right, I hope I’ve convinced you to stand with HRC and all the Moms for Equality.

Please join HRC today and help ensure LGBTQ youth never have to suffer in silence.

Whether you’re a Mom for Equality, a parent, a friend or part of the LGBTQ community, we hope that you join HRC and snag a limited-edition ”Fight Like a Mother” t-shirt today.

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