SCOTUSAhead of the oral arguments at the Supreme Court on marriage equality tomorrow, both supporters and opponents of marriage equality filed amicus briefs earlier this year.

Some of the amicus briefs, documents filed to the court by parties not directly linked to the case but who may have insight into key arguments or an interest in the outcome, made extreme judgments and harsh statements about the LGBT community and same-sex couples nationwide.

So just in case anyone (we're looking at you, National Organization for Marriage, Mike Huckabee and friends) forgot, here are the real facts on marriage equality:

What marriage equality will do: Marriage equality will allow loving, committed same-sex couples nationwide to be legally married. They will finally be recognized at the federal and local level just like millions of other non-LGBT couples across the nation.

What marriage equality won't do: Sorry, Maggie Gallagher, but marriage equality won’t cause anyone, straight or LGBT, to break up. It won’t cause abortions, harm children or destroy the economy either.

What marriage equality is: Marriage equality is the right for two individuals to marry to one another because they love each other, and to be recognized equally under the law. That is all.

What marriage equality isn't: It’s not an evil plot to destroy relationships or meant to undermine anyone. It’s definitely not hate speech and it doesn’t discriminate against anyone.

While these briefs might highlight the extreme stance of a small minority who stand on the wrong side oh history, a recent poll found that 61 percent of Americans believe that LGBT couples should be allowed to marry.

To see what supporters of marriage equality had to say, check out HRC’s People’s Brief, the largest amicus brief filing in United States history. With 207,551 signatories, the brief was 3,500 pages long for a total of 175,000 pages, requiring four days of round-the-clock printing. 

H/t Irin Carmon, MSNBC.

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