Post submitted by Prianka Srinivasan, former Content Producer  

As we celebrate National Coming Out Day on October 11, HRC recognizes the many challenges and opportunities that living openly offers to each of us.

The process of coming out and bravely living your truth covers the full spectrum of human emotion – from paralyzing fear to unbounded euphoria. Unraveling these emotions, and making sure that you’re always in the driver’s seat about how, where, when and with whom you choose to be open, can be complex and difficult.

To help you along this journey, HRC has created the following guides and resources help you navigate the process in realistic and practical terms.

Are You a Straight Ally?
Flip through or download HRC's Coming Out as a Straight Supporter to learn about the how people typically feel after someone comes out to them and find easy ways to learn more and demonstrate your support for LGBTQ people and equality worldwide.

Take a look at HRC’s Coming Out Center and find other guides and resources to assist you with the coming out process here.

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