LIVE BLOG: #LoveWins!

Missed the excitement outside of the Supreme Court today? Check out HRC's livefeed from earlier today.

4:35pm: At this point, marriages have begun in all but one state. Governor Bobby Jindal continues to stand in the way of marriage equality in Lousiana. 

3:27 pm: In case you missed it, Youtube stars Raymond Braun, Austin Rhodes and Aaron Rhodes were down at the Court this morning. 

2:32 pm: Louisiana court clerks advised to wait 25 days to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

1:57 pm: Marriages underway in Tenneesse  


1:51 pm: Couple marries in Little Rock, Arkansas


1:38 pm: South Dakota county issues same-sex marriage licenses.


1:12pm: Marriage on hold in Mississippi 


12:45pm: Marriages could soon begin in some counties in Tennessee


12:26 pm: Nebraska Attorney General says states will comply will Supreme Court decision. 

12:21 pm: Couples are arriving at Texas country clerk offices in the hopes of receiving a marriage license today.


11:56 am: Overwhelming outpouring of support continues on social.


11:53 am: Kentucky Governor calls for clerks to begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses.


11:36 am: Marriages begin in counties in Michigan and Alabama 


11:34 am: Georgia Governor Deal promises marriage equality will come to the Peach State.


11:22 am: Reports coming in of marriages beginning in Ohio.


11:12am: The first same-sex couple set to marry legally in Georgia's Fulton County Courthouse.

11am: Jim Obergefell receives a call from President Obama congratulating him on today's monumental victory: ""I couldn't be prouder of you." 

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