Multi-talented actor, singer, director and photographer Jussie Smollett has joined HRC’s Equality Rocks campaign.

After getting his start on the hit TV show “Empire,” Smollett released his 10-track debut album, “Sum of My Music,” which contains raw verses about the ugly truths of jealousy and overcoming his insecurities as an openly gay black man. He is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community and “doesn’t care if it alienates some of his fans.”

Smollett said he hopes to use the platform as a way to make other people feel less alone, and re-emphasized that his personal life is off-limits.

“Your journey is your own. Be inspired by other people’s journeys, but you can do your own thing,” Smollett said in an interview with Billboard.There’s no rules to this life. There’s no rules now how to be black. There’s no rules to how to be gay. Just be who you are and that’s the best thing I can say.”

The Equality Rocks campaign is sparking a conversation about love, fairness and equality around the globe. To join, visit

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