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Post Submitted by Josh King, Former HRC Senior Public Policy Advocate

We hope you can join the Human Rights Campaign and Wes Culwell, the Director of (In)Voluntary Departure, for a screening of this poignant film. The screening will be held Thursday, June 20th at 6pm at the Human Rights Campaign. Please see invite below.
This film is a documentary chronicling the lives of bi-national couple, Alon and Sandro, and their final 30 days in the United States -- highlighting the desperate need for LGBT inclusion in U.S. immigration reform. After over 13 years of building their lives, careers, and home, these small business owners awoke to Canadian-born Sandro's H1B Visa final extension expiring with no permanent residency options. In order to keep their family together, Sandro and Alon have no choice but to close their business, lay off American workers, and leave the country they love in search of a home that welcomes and recognizes its LGBT citizens as equals under the law. You can view the trailer here.
Space is limited. Please be sure to RSVP.


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