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Yesterday Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid applauded the Supreme Court’s landmark rulings on marriage equality yesterday while recognizing that there are still looming battles for the LGBT community and its allies.

“But the fight for equality is not over. Too many Americans still face discrimination at their workplaces today because of their sexual orientation. Every American deserves to be free from job discrimination,” he said in a statement. “To make this the law of the land, I will soon bring the Employment Non-Discrimination Act [ENDA] to the floor of the Senate for a vote.”

ENDA, which is widely supported by the American public, would protect the many Americans who live in the 29 states where there is no state law protecting them from being fired for their sexual orientation, or one of the 33 states for gender identity or expression

ENDA is also widely supported by the business community. A recent poll found that two-thirds of small businesses owners support the types of federal protections provided by ENDA, and almost 60% said they believed that the law would be helpful to the financial success of their business.

Since ENDA will be considered by the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor, and Pension Committee in the next few weeks, it’s more important than ever to tell your Senator that you support full workplace protections for all LGBT Americans.

To find out which major businesses already have policies supportive of the LGBT community, including non-discrimination policies that cover both gender identity and sexual orientation, visit HRC’s Corporate Equality Index.

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