Post submitted by Limor Finkel, Former HRC Global Engagement Program Coordinator

A coalition of human rights groups recently announced the “Keep Hope Alive” campaign asking world leaders to respond to the recent increase of human rights violations occurring in Russia. This campaign was launched in anticipation of the G20 meeting taking place on September 5 to 6 in St. Petersburg. The campaign is supported by local organizations on the ground in Russia, the Russian LGBT Network, and other international human rights groups, including Article 19, ILGA-Europe, Civil Rights Defenders, Freedom House, Front Line Defenders, and UNITED for Intercultural Action.

The “Keep Hope Alive” campaign focuses on a broad array of human rights abuses, including the recent violence targeting various minorities in the Russian Federation and the overall clampdown on the power of assembly for civil society. This covers the recent anti-LGBT “propaganda” bill that was signed into law by Russian President Vladamir Putin in June of this year that makes it virtually impossible for people to even speak about or distribute materials that are seen to be pro-LGBT. In addition to targeting LGBT people, recent attacks against racial, ethnic, and religious minorities, as well as immigrant workers with non-Slavic appearances, have been on the rise in Russia.

Check out the campaign video here.

The Human Rights Campaign is a proud member of ILGA-North America and has worked alongside members of the “Keep Hope Alive” coalition on issues like the Russian anti-LGBT “propaganda” law.

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