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WorkplacePost submitted by Jenna Raspanti, HRC Workplace intern

Check out the Advocate’s 4th annual article ranking America’s 25 gayest cities, using the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI) as part of their criteria.

The Advocate lists the gayest US cities based on criteria from the funny to the significant: the number of Scissor Sisters concerts to having marriage equality and transgender protections. As part of the nine-pronged scorecard, a city received one point for each 100 percent CEI-rated company headquartered there.

When calculating the gayest cities, the Advocate awarded points for the presence of certain crucial indications of equality in each city, ranging from the funny to the significant. The presence of LGBT elected officials, marriage equality, gay rugby, transgender protections, bisexual resource groups, or concerts by Scissor Sisters or the cast of Glee all factor into the criteria. As part of the nine-pronged scorecard, a city received one point for every 100% CEI-rated company headquartered there.

According to their findings, Tacoma, WA ranked gayest, while Sacramento, CA ranked 25th gayest city in the nation.

For Best Places to Work points, Minneapolis/St. Paul came out on top with 11 top-ranked businesses, followed by DC with 7, Atlanta with 6, Seattle with 4, Oakland with 2, and Colorado Springs, Providence, and St. Louis each with one.

The CEI not only provides a roadmap for major U.S. employers to create equality in the workplace, but helps inform best places to work, guides consumers on how to buy for equality, and can also help gauge the best places to live.

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