On Saturday, November 21, Adoption STAR of Amherst, New York, was awarded an All Children - All Families Seal of Recognition as a Leader in Supporting and Serving LGBT Families. The Seal was presented at Adoption STAR’s fall gathering for NYC-based families who have either successfully adopted children with the help of the agency or are currently in the process of adopting through the agency.
Adoption StarAdoption STAR renewed its Leader status after first demonstrating its ongoing commitment to best serving LGBT families in 2013. HRC Steering Committee members Debra Bacchi and Dolores Covrigaru attended the event and presented the Seal on behalf of the HRC Foundation.
“It takes a real commitment of time, resources and focus to make measurable improvements in practice,” Bacchi and Covrigaru said. “Thanks to the hard work of CEO and Founder Michele Fried and the agency-wide efforts to make this work a priority, LGBT individuals and couples know it’s safe to come through your doors and that new opportunities for creating families will unfold.”
Fried founded Adoption STAR after her experiences as both a mother and educator.
“As the years went by, Michele was inspired by the great need for a passionate, advocacy based, non-profit child-welfare agency in this area,” Adoption STAR explained. Michele carefully named the agency using the acronym STAR and was determined to utilize the words within the name to provide comprehensive services to all members of the adoption triad: Support, Training, Advocacy and Resources (STAR).”

The HRC Foundation’s All Children – All Families initiative provides a comprehensive framework, from client non-discrimination policies to staff training, that assists agencies in establishing policies and practices that welcome, support, and affirm LGBTQ youth and families.

To learn more about All Children – All Families click here and to find LGBTQ-inclusive agencies in your area, check out the list of participating agencies.

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