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Post submitted by Jazz Jennings, HRC Youth Ambassador 

You may not know me, but Chad Griffin asked me to share my story with you. Here it goes.

My name is Jazz. When I was born, the doctor announced, "You have a beautiful baby boy!" But I've always been a girl, and I started telling people as soon as I could talk. I'm so grateful that my parents support me. They've always fought for me to be treated equally — whether by playing on the girls' soccer team, or having teachers refer to me as "she."

I'm one of the lucky ones. But, there are so many transgender kids out there scared to embrace their authentic selves.

You can make a difference in the lives of teens like me by joining the Human Rights Campaign. 

We all give back in different ways. I am proud to advocate for LGBT equality by sharing my story and journey with the world — and by being an HRC Youth Ambassador. 

You can give back by joining HRC today! HRC still needs your support to reach more youth with life-changing programs.  

As a member of HRC, you will help fight for policies all across the country to protect LGBT kids at school, at home and out in the world.

The work HRC is doing is not just about changing policies — it's about saving lives. In HRC's recent survey of transgender and gender-expansive youth, only four percent reported being very happy. Four percent. 

I'm working with HRC to try to improve these statistics by talking to policymakers, educators and other teens. And, if you join us, we can do so much more. We need you! 

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