HRC Mississippi staff was honored to join the Goldring Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life for a Talk About the Problems (TAP) workshop. HRC Mississippi’s Rob Hill and Daniel Ball facilitated a workshop on mediating and alleviating LGBTQ discrepancies in educational settings to a group of inspiring and dedicated youth leaders.

HRC Mississippi is committed to educating and inspiring youth leaders to speak up and out against the many challenges LGBTQ youth face in their daily lives. This was a phenomenal opportunity to inform youth leaders on ways to be proactive instead of reactive in providing safe and inclusive spaces within their schools and educational programs.

 “It is by far one of our greatest duties to make sure that our future generations of leaders have the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to usher in an inclusive and affirming culture of Mississippians,” HRC Mississippi Field Organizer Daniel Ball stated. “The most enlightening part of my job at HRC is working with our youth because they have the vision and determination to embrace and value indifference and individuality in a dynamic and influential way. If we continue to foster those strengths and nurture their desire to be great and do great things, nothing is impossible.”

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