"These are not simply times of great possibility - these are also times of great peril" - Ben Jealous, NAACP President

Last week, HRC recognize the contributions of those committed to justice and equality for the LGBT community at a luncheon in Las Vegas, Nevada, sponsored by HRC's Religion & Faith Program.

Keynoting for the luncheon was National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) President Ben Jealous, who addressed over three hundred attendees. Jealous annunciated the revered civil rights organization's commitment to LGBT equality, and its unapologetically supportive of continued efforts to stand with the LGBT community.

"LGBT issues are human rights issues," said Jealous. "And we are committed to human rights. This is not a black thing or a gay thing. This is a human thing."

President Jealous appealed to those in attendance to appreciate the zeitgeist of this political moment in bringing about enduring changes for LGBT people, people of color, youth, and organized labor in particular.  Yet he also reflected on the Supreme Court’s devastating ruling on the Voting Rights Act. 

“These are not simply times of great possibility; these are also times of great peril," said Jealous. “It is not enough that we join you - we need you to join us  … in a democracy organized people can win every time. But they must be organized."

Bishop Yvette Flunder of the Fellowship of Affirming Ministries also expressed her appreciation to HRC for its sponsorship of the luncheon, and charged those in attendance to join both HRC and the NAACP .

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