Post submitted by Rev. Dr. Denise Donnell, Senior Faith Organizer, HRC Arkansas

Last week, HRC Arkansas joined Campaign for Southern Equality at their LGBT in the South Conference. More than 600 activists and organizers from across the South gathered in Asheville, North Carolina to continue the conversation around full LGBT equality in the South.

Over the weekend, a number of workshops and caucuses were offered to help participants learn, share, build strategy and connect. I led “Sexuality and the Bible from a Black Perspective,” a workshop that was designed to help people better understand the impact of Western Christianity on the Black community. The workshop allowed participants to gain more insight into this demographic and issue. Armed with knowledge from this workshop, participants are better positioned to engage each other in dialogue and work to create effective strategies for raising the level of consciousness on this issue. That, alone, may lead to renewed minds and transformed lives.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspects of the conference were the opportunities to reconnect with movement friends and network with members of other LGBT organizations. While attending the conference, I had the pleasure of working with Helen Ryde, Southeastern Regional Organizer for the Reconciling Ministries Network.  We worshiped together at Haywood Street United Methodist Church and shared dialogue with the congregation of First United Methodist Church, Waynesville. Through connections and opportunities like these, slowly but surely, progress is being made across the South to create a safer world for the LGBT community.   
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