Post submitted by Leslie Hall, HRC HBCU Project Manager

Last week, HRC Foundation’s Historically Black College and Universities Project convened with over 30 HBCU administrators and health and wellness staff to learn about the new innovations in LGBTQ student health and best practices.

Administrators learned from expert panels on transgender student health, providing inclusive care for LGBTQ students in campus wellness centers, and the biomedical interventions in HIV/AIDS prevention. The briefing was attended by more than seven HBCUs, community based organizations and associations.

The purpose of the the briefing was to answer the call from many HBCU administrators needing assistance and advice on providing a safe and more inclusive atmosphere for all students, especially LGBTQ students. Historically Black Colleges and Universities face a unique opportunity to become prevention leaders in the fight to end HIV/AIDS and provide competent inclusive care for LGBTQ student.

Dr. Theo Hodge, the country’s leading provider for HIV-positive black men, shared his thoughts on making campus wellness centers patient-centered and LGBTQ-inclusive. Some of the reasons  why LGBTQ students  avoid campus wellness centers to receive healthcare is because the environment is sometimes unpleasant with offensive posters, culturally uninformed staff and  the lack of privacy safeguards.

There will be an another edition of the HBCU LGBTQ Health and Wellness Briefing at HRCF’s HBCU Project’s annual HBCU Leadership Summit in November 2016. The summit was sponsored by the HRCF’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities Project in collaboration with HRCF’s HIV & Health Equity team.

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