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A year after the Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby County vs. Holder invalidated a key provision in the Voting Rights Act, the need for Congress to act on strengthening voter protections across the nation remains urgent.

A group of more than 300 members of the All Souls Unitarian Church in Washington D.C. recently gathered in front of the Supreme Court steps to call attention to this pressing need for action. Watch below:

In the wake of the ShelbyCounty decision, many human and civil rights organizations worked with Members of Congress to craft the Voting Rights Amendment Act, a bipartisan, flexible, modern, nationwide solution to the problem of discrimination in voting.  HRC is proud to support the Voting Rights Amendment Act (VRAA). The legislation would provide new tools to get ahead of voting discrimination before it occurs and ensure that any proposed election changes are transparent.

Voting discrimination – which is sadly still real and ongoing – acutely affects the LGBT community.  Transgender individuals are particularly vulnerable to voting discrimination, and may refuse to vote rather than out themselves or submit to burdensome and transphobic voting laws.  In addition, many LGBT people of color suffer from voting discrimination based on race.  These vulnerabilities weaken the entire LGBT community’s voting power.  Thus, the VRAA will provide the tools necessary to once again fully protect against voting discrimination. Learn more here.

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