As we wind down to April 28 – when the U.S. Supreme Court will review cases from Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee and decide whether the U.S. Constitution allows for states to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples by denying them the right to marry – HRC put together five LGBT love stories to remind you why love can’t wait.

The Outlaw’s Mississippi Love Story

Justin and Eddie Outlaw, an openly gay couple in Mississippi living in a state without marriage equality, decided that their love for and commitment to one another was worth fighting for. In a short documentary titled A Mississippi Love Story, the Outlaws shared their personal takes on what true love really means as cameras followed them from March of 2013 to their California wedding one year later.


Vivian and Nonie Tie the Knot After 72 Years

After more than 72 years together, the lovable Vivian Boyack and Alice “Nonie” Dubes made it official when they tied the knot in Iowa in 2014. Vivian, 90, and Nonie, 91, met at the Iowa State Teachers College in 1942 and finally celebrated their love as the first same-sex couple married in First Christian Church of Davenport – the church they have belonged to since 1947.

Vivian and Alice

State Senator Proposes at Nevada Marriage Celebration

During a celebration of the Ninth Circuit’s ruling striking down Nevada’s marriage ban, State Senator Kelvin Atkinson proposed to his longtime partner, Sherwood Howard. Sen. Atkinson, who came out as gay two years prior during a legislative debate on repealing Nevada’s marriage equality ban, capped a historic day for his state in a touching and beautiful way.

Kelvin and Sherwood

Edie Windsor Defeats Key Section of DOMA

You’ve probably heard the name Edith Windsor before. Edith, or Edie for short, is incredible woman who fought back against the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and won. After being served with an extraordinary estate-tax bill on property that her partner Thea left when she passed away in 2009, Edie teamed up with attorney Roberta Kaplan to file a lawsuit, United States v. Windsor, asserting that Section 3 of DOMA violated the constitutional right to equal protection from the federal government. The demise of DOMA marked a key turning point in how the U.S. government treats the marriages of same-sex couples for federal programs that are likened to being married.

Edie Windsor

Lennie and Pearl Fight Back Against North Carolina Marriage Ban

Lennie Gerber and Pearl Berlin, who met and fell in love almost half a century ago, were legally married in Maine in 2013. Their marriage, however, was not recognized in their home state of North Carolina, and the pair courageously fought back against the state’s marriage equality ban. Proving to be worth the battle, the duo joined the ACLU and won its lawsuit in 2014 and brought marriage equality to the loving and committed same-sex couples of North Carolina.

Lennie and Pearl

Check back with through the remainder of the month as we lead up to the April 28 hearing, because love can’t wait.

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