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Giovanni Blair McKenzieThis year, HRC Foundation’s Youth Well-Being Project named their first-ever Youth Ambassadors. 

The dynamic young people are Jazz Jennings, Christian Ross, Jeydon Loredo, Joey Kemmerling, Giovanni Blair McKenzie, Laila Al-Shamma, Val Weisler, Joey Kemmerling, Winter Page, Constance McMillen, Thomas Davis and Tamara Williams. 

These amazing teens and young adults were invited to participate in the program because of their courage in sharing their own stories, and their demonstrated commitment to speaking out about issues facing all LGBTQ youth. 

As Youth Ambassadors, they will represent the HRC Foundation and help to raise awareness about its youth-focused programs to a wider audience, and add their voices and experiences to many of the Foundation's programs.

Learn more about the ambassadors and their work here.

Be sure to check back with HRC’s countdown to 2015 so you don’t miss a beat as we continue to count down some of our top moments from 2014.

Pictured: Giovanni Blair McKenzie

Filed under: Children & Youth

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