Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

These five American extremists are on notice for their work to spread an anti-LGBT mission abroad.

Radio hosts Michael Brown and Mat Staver have individually targeted Peru as it moves toward passing civil unions legislation. In November 2013, representatives from Virginia’s Liberty University, including law school dean and radio host Mat Staver, traveled to Lima to address the Peruvian Congress. Staver “encouraged the Peruvians to “stand strong” against LGBT rights and claimed that it was the Obama administration that was pushing marriage equality on the country. A few months later, Brown travelled to Lima to address the Peruvian Congress on the “consequences of redefining marriage” and warned lawmakers to learn from “the mistakes we’ve made in America” by allowing civil unions or marriage equality.

As far back as 2007, Janice Shaw Crouse, a longtime official with Concerned Women for America and an active partner of the World Congress of Families, urged the Ugandan Government to take a “biblical and cultural stand against the radical homosexual agenda.” She has travelled to Russia on several occasions in the last few years with the World Congress of Families to promote “pro-family” policies.

Brian Camenker is founder of MassResistance, a Massachusetts-based extreme anti-LGBT group that is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. In 2013, Camenker travelled to Jamaica to serve as keynote speaker at a conference in support of upholding the country’s anti-sodomy law. He also produced a 28-minute “documentary” called What “Gay Marriage” Did to Massachusetts, which he claims to have distributed around the world.

Scott Stirm is an American missionary from Waco, Texas, who has become the most outspoken proponent of retaining Belize’s ban on same-sex relationships. Stirm is executive director of Belize Action, an organization battling over the anti-sodomy law,” which Stirm calls “a good law that protects human dignity.”

All week, HRC has called out some of the top leaders of the anti-LGBT industrial complex, and they’re taking notice! Join us now in spreading the truth. Read the complete Export of Hate report now.

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