The election is in 86 days. Unite for equality. Like never before.

Delta State University (DSU) recently hosted its first ever LGBTQ History Month celebration at its Cleveland, Mississippi, campus.  Titled “Okra OUT Front,” a reference to their mascot, the Fighting Okra, this celebration included music and various speakers in a festive outdoor event held in front of the university’s library.

HRC was honored to be present and given the opportunity to share our work in Mississippi and interact with students, faculty and members of the administration, including the university’s president, who participated in this important inaugural event.

Colleges and universities across our state recognize the importance of embracing diversity and inclusion in order that students and staff feel safe and welcome.  Delta State University is certainly no exception as evidenced by this event.

HRC Mississippi looks forward to continue working with DSU and other educational institutions in Mississippi by offering our aid and resources as they strive to become beacons of hospitality and acceptance.

As young people push to attain the goals of the queer community on their campuses, HRC is working to provide tools, facilitate connections with other LGBTQ student activists across the country and empower youth to fight for LGBTQ equality on campus and beyond. Learn more here.

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